We are proud to present
the new video by

The Chaingang Quarry  Slaves

Starring Regine from Denmark and Anna from England

This is a video  about two young women, Regine and Anna,  abducted and unjustly sentenced to life long slavery. They have to work as cheap labour in the quarries, mines and fields .

Amateurs of cute girls in  prison dresses and heavy shackles  will love this video .

Based upon the stories "Prison Camp" by Tofte and "Blumenkind in Ketten" by Hanna S.

Copyright 2004 by CHGG Video Productions

This  DVD has a  total  playing time of  1 hour

The DVD  is available :
in PAL (European System)
and in NTSC (U.S. System)

Price :  20 EURO
( Postage by regular air mail  included )

To order the  DVD mail me