We are in Bari (Italy ) where  two rival criminal families,  which are part of part of the "Sacra Corona Unita" (Puglia' s mafia organization), are fighting to gain control over the prostitution market.
Nicola Di Trani is the boss of the Altamura Clan and is opposed to Oronzo Canà , the boss
of the rival clan.

One evening, in a downtown bar, Di Trani watches as Canà meets his sister not far away from him , he decides to make a strategic move: he kidnaps the sister of his rival for ransom.

The next day Canà calls the rival for the exchange of the life of his sister with  that of his girlfriend: Di Trani accepts, but he suggests that he brings 3 million EU the next day if he want's to see his girlfriend  and his sister alive.

Canà delivers his girlfriend Gloria to his rival  . "Please treat her well " he asks but the girl is immediately handcuffed and brutally dragged to Di Trani's bar .
Canà ignores that Di Trani has already killed the sister and dissolved her body in sulphuric acid

When  Canà is going to deliver the money  to Di Trani he is arrested  by the police .
The money has been confiscated and Di Trani decides to take revenge on Canà ' s girlfriend
Di Trani becomes the boss of the entire city and he takes control of the prostitution racket .

A few months Canà , who just came out of prison, takes revenge for the murder of his sister and his girlfriend and kills Di Trani