Bondage Fantasies

(Model : Holly )

This video is in the pure Gwendolyn tradition and we  have imagined some very funny stories involving bondage.

In the first sequence Holly wakes up restrained to a hospital bed , later on she is interviewed by a psy and talks about her bondage fantasies which are then shown in reality
( tied to a tree with ropes and handcuffs, wearing a straitjacket , rope tied to a ladder in a gloomy dungeon, chained to the wall  with antique shackles , restrained with VOPO handcuffs and wearing the striped prisoner outfit etc etc)

In the second part we have some shots with prisoner outfits and restraints (handcuffs, legirons and belly chain)  and some very complicated restraint device .

The third part shows a girl waking up in the morning restrained with a fiddle . She uses it to keep herself  from eating too much chocolate , but it does not help too much  so she orders
something "more restrictive"....

Bondage Fantasies – DVD  Review by John Steel

The DVD "Bondage Fantasies" is up to an excellent beginning with a piece of sterling dialogue between Holly, the beautiful bondage model, who is restrained on a hospital bed by humane restraints, and a doctor.
She is restrained in medical leather restraints by her wrists and ankles. To Holly's repeated questioning whether he is going to let her out, the doctor keeps answering "All in good time." The doctor leaves Holly
with the keys, but she is unable to free herself, even with the keys to the padlocked humane restraints. This inability to free herself even with the correct keys is a recurring and amusing topic. Greetings from Franz Kafka!

The continuation of the first part of this excellent video intersperses black and white scenes with Holly and the doctor with scenes where Holly finds herself in a variety of situations as a damsel in distress,
very much in line with the Avengers and John Willie's Sweet Gwendolyn, to which references are also made. It is also a neat idea that it is the conversational scenes in the "psychiatrist's" office, which are black and white, whereas the bondage fantasies scenes are in
color (underlain with beautiful classical and not-so-classical music, such as for instance Ravel's Bolero). The bondage fantasies include outdoors scenes with Holly tied tightly on a chair; handcuffed to a
tree; being tied up in a straitjacket and leg-ironed (in heavy Clejuso cuffs), then being led away; handcuffed and leg-ironed to a tree;
"handcuff-collared" and handcuffed to a tree; corseted and roped to a ladder in a dungeon-like scenario; roped to a tree (closely following a famous illustration in John Willie's Sweet Gwendolyn); chained with an iron collar to the walls, with medieval shackles around writs and ankles, wearing a corset and ankle-length leather boots (one of my favorite scenes); being a convict of the former East German regime in hinged VoPo handcuffs and in striped prison garb, unable to free herself even with a key.

We only describe the first section out of three in some detail here. The other two sections are similarly exciting and entertaining to the connoisseur of bondage fantasies. The second section sees Holly in an
orange prison costume, first chained in transport restraints and later in U-shaped shackles around neck, wrists and ankles, connected by spreader bars. Despite the fact that the keys are usually accessible, the pretty captive is usually helpless and on occasion quite immobilized.

The final section has a highly amusing "I want to be restrained in a way so that I can't eat chocolate" topic. Holly wakes up in her nightgown, safely secured in Martin's Fiddle (a middle-ages-inspired metal
restraint, which keeps the neck and the hands firmly secured). We see Holly powdering her nose, walking down and up and down a staircase, opening the fridge, and -- eating chocolate. The latter of course defeats
the purpose of the restraint, so that Holly orders stocks, which keeps her hands in another rigid "hands-up" position, this time sufficiently far away from her chocolate-graving mouth. 

The whole movie is shot on Max's enviable rural estate . The script is indeed carefully crafted and "not off the cuff" (pun intended), as Holly emphasizes at the end of the movie, flashing her cuffed hands.

If you like damsels in distress movies and metal restraints in particular, you cannot afford to miss this little gem. Bondage Fantasies is a highly entertaining and aesthetically pleasing bondage flick,
which warrants repeated watching. I would finally like to add that Max's customer service is nothing short of spectacular!

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