Pupett and CC  in
"No Parking"

(Produced September 2005)

with 3 episodes :
- No Parking
- Trapped in the Double Fiddle
- Outdoors Bondage Play

Pupett , a professional bank robber , finds out that the police is more interested in the money she stole than in herself . But later she makes the mistake of parking 18 inches over the line .....

Pictures from the video

(shot on location in San Francisco)

Trapped in the Double Fiddle



Valeska and Maria : Outdoors Bondage Play

As Special Feature we included an interview
with John from JG-Leathers , Jeff from House of Gord , Pupett and CC

TOTAL PLAYING TIME :  1 hour and 14 minutes

Available as DVD
in PAL (European system) and NTSC (American System)

Price : 20 EURO

To order the DVD  mail me